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The Economic Recovery is Actually a “Bubblecovery” Most mainstream economists and economic commentators, the same group who didn’t foresee the housing & Global Financial Crisis, are now saying that the economy is on the “road to recovery” as the housing.

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Subprime auto loans are on the rise and, just like subprime mortgages, are claiming untold victims. samuel perez, 32, is still dealing with fallout from his experience with a subprime loan five.

The car-loan boom isn’t the housing bubble. But there still might be a crash But there still might be a crash The growth in credit and fall in savings have alarming echoes of the financial crisis.

Mortgage, credit card, and car loan debt levels all fell during the 2008 financial. College is a critical investment, but we have made it an extremely risky one. The student loan bubble will burst.

The Securities and Exchange Commission adopted the rules for securities linked to mortgages and auto loans on a 5-0 vote. and sold on Wall Street soured after the housing bubble burst in 2007,

Higher Education Bubble Will Burst – Are we stuck in a higher-ed bubble? Some college insiders are offering persuasive. While higher-ed costs remain untethered to economic realities, students with college loans to pay off continue to.

Auto sales data just released for the month of November have caught my eye. Auto sales in the U.S. economy have increased to a level similar to the level in January 2008-15% in November 2012.

2018-04-23  · However, auto finance companies have used low interest rates to fuel a boom in subprime auto loans which has helped the economy to recover. However, auto loan delinquencies hit crisis levels in 2017, even as subprime auto-lending continued to boom, leading to speculation that this another credit bubble in the making which will ultimately burst.

With high-risk subprime loans at a 10-year high in the auto industry, some experts are predicting a bubble burst eerily reminiscent of the 2008 mortgage crisis. John Oliver unpacked that troubling.