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Another way to transfer your auto loan that doesn’t require changing lenders is to inform your current lender that someone else will be paying off the remainder of the loan. In this case, the other person would have to undergo the typical financial assessments before they are approved to take over.

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Taking Over an Auto Loan | DMV.ORG – Taking over auto loans can be tricky business, and largely depends on the bank or other financing company from which the original owner obtained the loan. We explain the basic steps on how to take over a car loan below, but your first step must be to go over all of your auto loan.

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how to take over a car loan Bridgenorth How to Take Over a Car Loan. Again, these are the basic steps for taking over an auto loan; use them as a guideline ONLY, and always follow your finance company’s specific instructions. note: The following list includes steps for both the original owner and the person trying to take over the car loan. 1. contact the Bank or Other Lender

Taking Over an Auto Loan. You will have to primary options to take over an auto loan. The first is to modify the loan directly with the lender, and the second is to take out a wholly new loan for the asset to pay off the existing debt. The decision will depend on your.